Problem: I can't find Demolition Company on my computer. How can I start the game?

Solution: In Windows Vista and Windows 7 shortcuts to new installed games will be created inside the Games folder and the Games Explorer. The Games Explorer, which is listed on the Start menu, provides a convenient list of all games currently installed on your PC. To start Demolition Company open the Games Explorer and double click the Demolition Company icon.

Problem: Why does my Gamepad not work with Demolition Company?

Solution: The following Gamepads work problem-free without configuration (Plug and Play):

  • Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows
  • Logitech Dual Action
  • Logitech Rumble Pad 2
  • Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 3-in-1
  • Speedlink Strike2
  • Hama Black Force

Should your Gamepad not work, check the configuration. Certain Gamepads, need calibration or configuration before you can play.

Problem: Error: Could not init 3D system. Shader Model 2.0 is required. Please install the latest video drivers.

Solution: Demolition Company requires the latest graphics card drivers. Please download and install the latest drivers for your graphics card. (NVIDIA, S3, Intel or AMD/ATI)

Problem: Graphics card does have Shader Model 2.0, but the game is still not running and shows: Error: Could not init 3D System.

Solution: Rarely OpenGL is not correctly installed. This may caused by old drivers (conflicts) which haven't been removed properly from the system. Please check your currently installed OpenGL version. Download and install the following tool:
» OpenGL Extensions Viewer
Run this tool and check your OpenGL version on the first page. Is your value smaller then 2.0 your graphics card doesn't have shader model 2.0, the driver is too old or is not correctly installed. Uninstall all graphics drivers and try to reinstall the newest driver. (NVIDIA, S3, Intel or AMD/ATI)

Problem: Issues on ATI/AMD graphic cards with Catalyst driver. The ATI/AMD Catalyst driver, causes issues in the game due to a bug in the driver.

Solution: Disable the ATI Catalyst A.I. feature; Right click anywhere on your desktop; Left click on the ATI Catalyst Control Center option; Click the View Menu Option; Select the Advanced View Option (notice the list of items under Graphics Settings); Select the 3D option (to expand it) under Graphic Settings; Select the ATI Catalyst A.I. option under the 3D heading; Ensure that Disable ATI Catalyst A.I. is selected. If not, enable the checkmark; Click Apply.

Problem: The camera turns around all the time without any user input
Solution: This could be caused by a gamepad or driving wheels. Please unconnect all gamepads and Steering Wheels from your computer or turn them off in the options menu.

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